Paulette CarsonAfter visiting with a couple of dear Romanian friends back in Oct. 2001 regarding the need for Bible study materials for Romanian women, the Lord placed a burden on my heart to do something to help. I had already done a few Beth Moore studies here in Lufkin, and really liked her style. I felt her approach could really appeal to women of all ages and socio/economic groups in Romania. As a result, I began to pray about getting some studies translated. After a lengthy conversation with the International Licensing Specialist at LifeWay Resources in Nashville, I received a Licensing Agreement application. At that point, I realized I needed an organization, so I founded Beautiful Gate Translations (BGT) and was awarded my first Licensing Agreement with LifeWay.

So the journey began. It took several years to complete the first major Bible study, Jesus the One and Only (Isus Singurul si Unicul) by Beth Moore of Living Proof Ministries. Along the way, other publications were added to the list of projects. Because BGT was the first entity to ever request a Licensing Agreement with Living Proof Ministries, we charted a new course for both ministries with the translation of Discovering God’s Purpose For Your Life into Romanian, Portuguese, Russian and Ukrainian. What began as a passion to reach two countries (Romania and Moldova) in the Romanian language has now grown to five languages and global distribution. The Lord is good!

The most effective means for BGT to distribute the Bible studies and booklets is to train women in Christian ministry leadership to facilitate the study and to provide them with a full leader’s kit. In addition, we give them sufficient workbooks for the ladies in their respective ministry groups or churches. These ministry leaders teach, disciple and mentor the ladies with the anticipation of a ripple effect throughout their churches, villages, cities, regions and countries. This flow of resources will enrich and enable these ministry leaders to reach their respective people groups for the Glory of God.

In His grace,
Paulette Carson, Founder