(Q) How can I order the Romanian Bible study materials, booklets or tracts?
(A) The Bible study materials are primarily distributed at our leadership training conferences; however, resources can be ordered by contacting our Resource Coordinator at beautifulgateministries@gmail.com.

(Q)  How can I attend a Women’s Leadership Conference?
(A)  We encourage attendees to already be a current women’s Bible study group leader or preparing to start a Bible study group. Please contact us at beautifulgateministries@gmail.com.

(Q) How much do the resources cost?
(A) We currently supply our resources freely, without any requested donation.  We do not sell the resources, and expect that any recipients of our resources do not sell them either.  However, in order to reinvest funds for future projects and also to reprint our current resources, it would be a great blessing if resource recipients can give a donation to Beautiful Gate Translations. Please contact our Resource Coordinator at beautifulgateministries@gmail.com for further information.  Shipping costs will be at recipient’s expense.

(Q)  If I live in the United States, can I obtain the materials?
(A)  Due to our Licensing Agreements, the only resources available for distribution in the US are the Portuguese, Romanian and English tracts entitled A Perspective on Christian Suffering.

(Q)  How can I get involved in ministry with Beautiful Gate Translations?
(A)  Here are several ways –

✓   Pray: It is the foundation of our ministry. Pray for open doors and open hearts.

✓   If you have eMail or hard copy Prayer Distribution, add Beautiful Gate Translations

✓   Subscribe to our newsletter via the website at Beautiful Gate Translations or email us your request at Newsletter – Web Site Request. Encourage others to do the same.

✓   “Friend” us on Facebook. Encourage others to do the same.

✓   Network: Do you know someone that is from Romania, Republic of Moldova, Ukraine, or the many Russian and Portuguese speaking regions? Tell them about us.

✓   Give: BGT operates solely on charitable contributions. Your gift is deeply appreciated and used wisely. Administrative costs are very minimal, so the huge majority is devoted to the production of translated resources and distribution into the hands of our Brothers and Sisters abroad.

✓   Seed Planting: If one Bible Study or Small Group member gives just $1.00 each week then that comes to $52 per year. If a gift of $10 per week is given, then in a year that is $520. Each major Bible study translation project costs an average of $15,000USD to produce. As you can see, without faithful and passionate supporters, the task can be daunting. However, thousands of Believers and their families have been impacted in several countries. Each investment in their lives carries eternal rewards.