August 2018

Testimonies from SibuBible study group – Pentecostal church Emanuel from Sibiu,
Daniel from Beth Moore

My name is Emilia, I am from a Pentecostal church in Sibiu.  I participated at the women’s conference in Arad in November 2017 where I received a set of the Bible study “Daniel” from Beth Moore.   At home we started the Bible study “Daniel” immediately with some of the ladies from our church. The Bible study was a real blessing for us and at the end we could say that “we became smarter”, because we learned so many things that can be applied for our days. Throughout the study, the ladies were so delighted with the Bible study that they invited other sisters to join us and everybody was blessed by what we learned from Beth Moore.  With the Lord’s help we finished in July and all of the ladies from the group expressed their desire to do another Bible study. Thank you so much for all the hard work and effort. I bless you in Jesus name!

Emilia Todor, Sibiu

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Years ago I studied the book of Daniel but this study from Beth Moore opened my eyes to the “Babylon” we live in today.  If Daniel was able to live a life of holiness and without compromise, then we surely can do the same.  I also liked how this Bible study explained the end times, based on Scripture.  Through this study, I received an answer to many questions that I had and so many verses I didn’t understand have been explained to me.

Once again, I understood that the scriptures are not written just to be written but that they are of major importance and that every prophecy will be fulfilled exactly. This study and its author inspired me to persevere in studying seriously the Word that gives us life.  Beth said “Use your brain” and I think this is what God also wants from us: to use our brains to the fullest and to discover the hidden “pearls” in His Word.

I’m very happy for the work you do! Continue to do God’s work and may God bless you for everything you do. With great respect

Ludmila Lungu, Sibiu

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The Bible has hidden treasure for those who have open hearts to discover them, and it provides us with practical day-to-day teaching.  I am grateful for having the opportunity to study in depth the book of Daniel, a study that has refreshed my life of faith, strengthened my hope and showed me once again how much God loves us.

I would write too much if I would list all the new and unexpected things I learned from each chapter of this Bible study. What I want to highlight is that I have not enough words of praise for this Bible study, because I could benefit from the great work and effort of the author who studied the history of those times in depth, and also the various comments that have been written about Daniel’s prophecies.  Beth Moore structured this vast information in a concise summary to help us understand how Daniel lived.

I am aware that at some point, the theologians have different opinions, and I have appreciated that Beth presents her perspective and understanding of the Scriptures without “imposing” it on us as the right one and encourages the reader to study other opinions as much as he or she feels the need to do that.

Beth Moore impressed me immediately.  I like her sense of humor and the way she interacts with the people.   I like that she presents her point of view but at the same time raises questions and urges us to meditate about the Bible verses.  I also like her relaxed approach to such a complex topic, which motivated me a lot during the whole Bible study to not give up.  If she would have been too serious, the Bible study would have been less appealing and hard to understand.

Last, but not least, Beth Moore impressed me with her passion and dedication for everything she does.

In conclusion, I liked most about this study:

  1. that I could learn so many things about a book in the Bible that is very relevant for today
  2. the amount of historical facts that helped me to better understand those times and also the practical teaching that I can take for myself
  3. the relaxed and natural style of the author

I would like to have the opportunity to study as many Bible studies as possible written by this amazing author.  I thank God for opening a door for me to understand more of His Word through this Bible study, and I thank Emilia for inviting me to the group.  I thank all those who gave us these Bible study resources with a generous heart.  I also want to thank the author for the content and the way she brings God’s Word to life.

God bless you,
Cristina Streza, Sibiu

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

November 2015

nov2015-1On the first of November we celebrated the finishing of the Romanian version of the study “Breaking Free – The Journey, The Stories.” We had a good, fruitful and blessed time together doing it but most of all God was present and molded us through the whole time.

We were mostly young woman doing it but we didn’t say no when one of the young men of our church did want to do this study with us. Sadly in the summer he finished school and went to another city so he couldn’t finish it with us but he was determined to finish it alone. All of us loved this study and met every time with anticipation of what God would do or speak to us.

nov2015-2During this time one of the women of our group got pregnant and we were able to pray and accompany her in this time of preparation for a new period in her life, that of being a mother. We prayed for her delivery and health of the baby. Mihaela broke free in this time of many of her fears and God has ministered to her about her relationship with her husband and her attitude toward him. She delivered a beautiful, healthy girl who is full of life and we get know to see how she grows and is a joy for her parents.

nov2015-3We saw a lot of answered prayers. For example we heard of a young woman who was in England working there for a better living. She got pregnant and thought about abortion because of the advice of the doctors telling her the child costs too much money and she didn’t have the means to raise him. We prayed during the bible study for this woman and her unborn child and we felt that someone has to speak with her. One of us took hold of her and started telling her the truth in love, damasking the lies the enemy told her through the people around her. Afterwards we didn’t hear about her for more than a week but the news were good. She got out of the hospital and she didn’t do an abortion. Now she has a healthy child and is very happy for choosing life for her child.

Beth Moore has a way of getting to each one and she got deep in to our hearts. We all love her and are overly happy that this study was translated and we had the opportunity through Beautiful Gate Translation to get these studies. I could write a lot more but fact is we couldn’t remain the same and did let God break the chains of insecurity, selfishness, pride and many more. You can’t remain the same after doing this study and we didn’t.

Much love,
Genoveva Schuster / Bible study group Centru Crestin Shalom

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

October 2015 – Letter written to Paulette from the Romanian sisters in Christ in Timisoara

timisoara-sisters-in-ChristDear Paulette,

I just wanted you to know that our women’s Bible Study tonight ended up in tears…we’ve been watching Living Beyond Yourself session 3 and the Lord has spoken sooo personally to most of us!

Thank you for all the efforts to have this treasure into Romanian!  Praise the Lord for His work!

Blessings from the Romanian sisters in Christ from Timisoara.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

June 2014 – Letter written to the BGT team from
Cristina Iordaicuta of Turnu Severin, Romania

”Do your best to present yourself to GOD as one approved, a workman who does not need to be ashamed and who correctly handles the word of truth.” (2 Timothy 2:15)

This verse has become the motto of my life since 1995, when I became a Christian. My name is Cristina Iordaicuta. I am from Romania. I live in a small town – Turnu Severin, near the Danube River. I am a high school History teacher. But, the important thing is that I became one part of Jesus’ Beloved Bride – His church. I am so blessed that HE is my Savior and I have a blessed spiritual family here on Earth: brothers and sisters from all over the world, speaking the same language through the Holy Spirit.

At the University I was involved in a students’ ministry, there in the campus. After the graduation, I came back in Severin and began the children’s ministry in church. But all the time, I tried to grow in the Word of God and having a close relation with God. He solved my problems, HE gave me strength and light through difficult periods of my life, He never disappointed me, never let me down. The Christian life sometimes is difficult, but beautiful and precious, too.

I want to share with you, my beloved sisters, another wonderful experience about God’s answer to my prayers. I have struggled for last Christmas, because I was very attacked by Satan: illness, family problems, hard time at work. I became so stressed, so troubled, struggling with thoughts like:”Lord, I can’t resist! I need a new direction in my life, I’ve became so tired! It’s a lot of pressure on my life!” I have prayed every day. And one day, on my way back home from the high school, I was thinking at the homework which I gave to my students for the following day…It was from the manual: students had to put their photo on a paper and write under it a single word that summarize their deepest need or desire for their life. I tried to put myself in their place and do the homework. First, a lot of words came in my mind, but no one relevant. And I began to pray quietly, walking home. Suddenly, God blew, lightening my mind: ”ELIBERATA” (which means ”BREAKING FREE”). It was a revelation in my mind, an answer to my prayers. I needed to be breaking free from my fears, my worries, my sadness, my fears of fail in the ministry…My deepest need was to be breaking free and rejoice again God’s love. Then, I remembered that I dreamt this word, one night, written on a white shirt, wore by me. I was sure that was what I had really need in my life. But, how to do it? I asked God. And I put that word as my password for my [words deleted for privacy].

And God answered this year 2014, on 21st of June: A team came from USA to our church to lead us into a Christian study for women. And guess what?! The name of study was ”BREAKING FREE”. I WAS SHOCKED, SO SURPRISED, OVERWHELMED AND SO GRATEFUL TO GOD!!! I never heard of Beth Moore’s ministry. I never knew her studies. But God knew that I needed her study to be breaking free and keep going in my ministry. I am so grateful to my beloved sisters from Beautiful Gate Translations! And to you, Beth Moore, for your ministry, for your dedicated heart to God. I am so happy that I have sisters, so dedicated into women’s ministry. Without them, we Romanian women would never been blessed with this study.

Prayer is the fastest call to God! He will always answer to a seeking and pure heart! But He will send the answer in His wonderful way!

Once again, every word of God is true! ”From the east I summon a bird of prey, from a far off land, a man to fulfill my purpose. What I have planned, that I will do!” (Isaiah 46:11)

God bless you and your dedicated heart for HIM, my beloved sisters!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

These testimonies are from ladies in Bucharest, Romania who just finished the newest Romanian Bible study Breaking Free: the Journey, the Stories by Beth Moore this April 2014.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Dear Paulette,

I am so thankful to God and I don’t even have the words to thank Him enough for all He has done for us throughout this study. Truly, when you draw close to God, He lightens you up with joy instead of filling your face with shame.

Whether we are conscious of our memories or if they are only in our subconscious, these memories are stored there in our brains along with all the feelings that go with them and only God can set us free from them. I learned that painful memories can be healed when I ask God to touch the ones I am conscious of and to remove the guilt of the hidden ones. I saw that God sometimes allows a person who has painful memories stuck in their mind to relive them again with the same or more intensity. Through this I learned that He gives us the capability to make the decision to forgive those who caused our pain, to repent of our sins, and to draw us to the light.

However deep the wound, if we come to God to be healed, He will accomplish it, whether it takes a long time or a short time. He takes the pain away and replaces it with love, acceptance, meekness and encouragement. He does this by bringing people around you that can do this for you to help you overcome this critical situation. I saw and understand that God does not change our past realities, but rather He changes the way I perceive the past. I can take trusting steps forward, confront life, because I am full of power coming from inner integrity. Throughout the study, I equipped myself so that I can be careful not to put on again the yoke of slavery. Then when the evil one has stretched his hook of guilt towards me, I will send him to the cross.

I cannot close without telling you the testimony of one of the ladies in our group who has now passed away.

I go on Tuesdays together with two other sisters to another sister’s house to have our lesson. I wanted very much to have the study at our house, but I was soon to understand why not. Tuesday we went to her house, we talked about freedom that we can have in Christ from all the things that hold us as slaves and how we can be free. At one point during the evening I remained alone with her for a few moments and she told me some things she has never had the courage to tell anyone. The fact that she has had so many abortions that she cannot number them. I assured her of the promise of God, “If we confess our sins He is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.” Knowing true forgiveness was the single thing that touched her and effectively relieved the pain in her body until she no longer felt any pain. Thursday I was told that she had gone to be with our Lord.

How wonderful is our God and how much He loves us!

With Love in Christ,
Angela Zainea

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

My dear sisters in our Lord Jesus, I want to thank God for the wisdom and knowledge given to Beth Moore to write about so important and present subjects, like captivity which hinders us to live an abundant and effective spirit filled life.

Thank you very for the opportunity to travel through the history of my family and through my past and helping me to discover the strongholds in the life of my dear ones, as well in my own life. The most important thing is that you are showing us the way we can tear down those high places, taking every thought and making it obedient to Christ.

I was very touched by Tamar’s story. I always considered her story as a very sad and unfair story. Thank you, Beth, for rewriting the end of this story and restoring the dignity and honor of the king’s daughter. Yes, Jesus is the one anointed by God “to comfort all who mourn, and provide for those who grieve in Zion – to bestow on them a crown of beauty instead of ashes, the oil of joy instead of mourning, and a garment of praise instead of a spirit of despair.” In today’s world, when we are abused in so many ways, it’s nice to be reminded we have a hope for restoration of dignity and honor, because of our belief in Christ. We are true daughters of our heavely Father. Unlike David, who didn’t do anything to restore the dignity and honor of his daughter, our heavenly Father gave His only Son, so His blood could wash away our sins and our shame. Because of this we can become spotless and righteous bride. This is a possible happy-end for every woman who receives Jesus as her Savior and Lord.

I want to thank God for giving Beth Moore the courage and strength, and to Beth Moore for her willingness to open her heart and to share from her life experiences, so that we can learn and grow in our faith.

This study was an encouragement for everyone who did it.

Thank you very much for the very difficult process of translation and printing this study, and may God bless your effort and help you to continue with other wonderful studies.

Lidia – Bucharest, Romania

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

As I’m going through a difficult time in my marriage (my husband and I being separated for 2 years now) going with you on this journey through the bible, helped me break free from the bondage of being rejected by my husband and both my step children, as they ignore me and shut me out of their lives, all because of an argument I had with my step daughter. Anyway, I just want to thank you and express my gratitude, for today I’m living an abundant life, living no more in the poverty of not knowing the Lord, in the ways you showed me to.

Floriana – Bucharest, Romania

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Dear sisters, I value each Bible study because God is offering me special spiritual wealth … which I don’t keep just for myself. I have the honor and the joy to share all that I have received during my service at the Radio Voice of Gospel and in the women’s meetings I am invited to. I am very grateful to our heavenly Father for His grace given to Beth Moore and for the study Breaking Free. I want to say thank you to Paulette Carson for her care, devotion and love shown to the Romanian women, so we can benefit from these studies. May God continue to bless you and your service.

From the multitude of gifts I have received from studying “Breaking Free” I want to mention just two of them:

1) the five benefits (of which I think on daily) we can have as children of God in order to fulfill His glorious call to glorify Him. Nothing is more important than to know God and believe Him, to glorify His Name, to find satisfaction in Him, to experience His peace, and to enjoy His presence.

2) the explanation of the phrase “to hope in the Lord” gave me a new vision and encouraged me a lot, knowing that all the time I am bound together with our Lord. Being close to the presence of God, being practically twisted to Him I can only aim to – VICTORY. Wonderful!

Praised be our Lord for all things!

Danielei Manea – Radio Voice of the Gospel

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I’m Free – Praise God Throughout this study I felt the hand of God working in my life and in the life of my husband. He started to read the Bible. He no longer breaks things or makes a scene when I go to church or to Bible study.

I learned to have a daily relationship with God through prayer and reading His Word. I learned to believe in God the whole day and to rejoice in all the wonderful blessings I have in Him. I tell him everything, and I subject everything to Him, everything thought that I confront. He gives me wisdom in the decisions I must make. What wonderful miracles He does! In everything I do I start with God.

I appreciate everything you do and even more that which God is doing in my life to see that I do not return to slavery.

I thank God that He made life good at home with my husband. Now I wait with dinner ready when he comes home.

What a God we have!

God be praised!

God bless you!
Anonymous – Bucharest, Romania

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I was raised by my grandma. My mom was an alcoholic, always drinking. I hated her because at school and wherever we went alcoholism became our identity. After I got married, my husband and I began to seek after God. We went to many confessions at church. Then one day we walked into an Evangelical church, where we stayed and God revealed Himself to us there.

I am so very thankful to God that he loves us, receives us, and forgives us.

Throughout this study I felt God speaking to me because He knows my hurt soul with regards to my mom. I asked for His help. I found my mom in a pathetic state. I took her with me to stay with me because she was paralyzed on her right side and could not speak. She can hear, and through her gestures I understood that she wanted to love God and ask for Him to forgive her for everything she had done. God freed me from the anger I had for her because of all the pain she caused me when I was young.

My freedom in God has become my reality!

We thank you for this study.

May God give you strength and protection on the road of life.

Be blessed!

Anonymous – Bucharest, Romania

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

July 2013

Beth, your studies along with the video recordings brought us spiritual freshness and restored our souls. We are waiting with enthusiasm and joy for each Friday to meet you and our dear sisters. May God bless them, as they toil with us in love and commitment, helping us to better understand your teachings.

You know Beth, soon after closing our study: “Believing God”, I realized that many persons among the believers from our church live actively their life of faith based on their daily experience with God. I came to Christ in the last 2 years and half.

May God be glorified as He alone can help all of us to be co-worker in the Kingdom of God and bring fruits.

Beth, we thank you that because of you, we can leave, to our children and grand children, a richer and a living spiritual heritage. We are looking forward to having the new series of studies and seeing you again. Please receive all our gratitude and esteem.
God bless you !
Bucharest, Romania

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

June 2013

For me this study meant for ten weeks the “morning manna”, even if many times I delighted in it in the evening or by night.

Spiritually speaking, it was a substantial (rich) food, which I would like to enjoy at leisure some other time, every time when I need it, in any other season of my life.

So I understood that I was created to bring glory to God and to spread the Gospel to every creature.

Thinking about the role and the responsibility that a woman, who fears the LORD, has in her home/family as it is illustrated in Proverbs 31:10-31, I just realize how welcome/useful was this study. I strongly believe that the 5 statement pledge of faith for a Christian life was, is and will be true for each generation.

That is why I don`t want to be insensitive to such a great salvation, which is not only for me and for all my dear ones, but also for our neighbors.

What did I learn from this study?

1) First of all it reminded me God`s plan of salvation from the book of Romans, knowing what Jesus did for us and how are we considered righteous by faith.

2) Being saved I have to understand what is God`s plan for my life, and to accept that sometimes I have to walk through the darkest valley. But I can do all things through Christ. So I have to live by faith.

3) My heavenly Father will be always with me and love me. Because He loves me, I can love even those who are not easy to be loved.

Jeny Bucur
Bucharest, Romania

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Testimonies from a Youth Group in Sighisoara, Romania about the Bible study Living Beyond Yourself, Exploring the Fruit of the Spirit.

“Studiez mai profund Cuvantul lui Dumnezeu pentru a creste mai mult spiritual!”

I’m studying God’s Word more profoundly to grow more spiritually!
Lavinia B., 18 ani

“Imi plac foarte mult sesiunile video a studiului. e incurajator sa vad o persoana care nu doar vorbeste despre Duhul Sfant ci traieste fiecare moment prin El. am momente de revelatie, invatare, incurajare atunci cand urmaresc sesiunile video.”

I really like the video sessions and the study. It’s encouraging to see a person that doesn’t just talk about the Holy Spirit but lives every moment through Him. I have moments of revelation, learning, and encouragement when I watch the video sessions.
Adela R., co-lider tineret [co-leader for youth]

“Pentru mine studiul biblic este ceva important in viata mea, ma ajuta sa invat lucruri noi, dar si multe despre Dumnezeu… Ma ajuta foarte mult sa ma descopar pe mine dar si pe cei jurul meu!”

For me the Bible study is something important in my life, it helps me learn new things and more about God…It helps me to discover more about myself and those around me!
Dorin B., 20 ani

“Ma simt onorata ca pot face un studiu atat de complex si totodata atat de simplu si pe intelesul oricarei persoane care vrea sa cunoasca mai multe. Acest studiu m-a ajutat sa cresc in credinta si m-a invatatlucruri care nu le stiam.”

I feel honored to be able to do a study that is so complex yet simple to understand for anyone who wants to know more. This study is helping me grow in faith and learn many things I didn’t know.
Lori L., 17 ani

“Acest studiu biblic, intr-adevar m-a ajutat sa invat sa traiesc mai presus de mine, iar mai presus de mine e Dumnezeu 🙂 si va fi mereu! deoarece inima mea apartine Lui. in acest studiu invatam cat de mult ne dovedeste Dumnezeu ca ne iubeste si cat de mult conteaza roadele Duhului pentru noi si prezenta acestuia in mintea si viata noastra. conteaza sa putem invata sa stim cum sa ne ferim sau sa evitam problemele decat sa ajungem la ele. Dumnezeu prin aceasta ne da o minunata intelepciune in a putea defini binele de rau. Tot El ne descopera ca suntem extrem de importanti pentru El si contam. asa de mult ne iubeste tatal nostru. El ne da rezolvari la problemele noastre si raspunsuri la intrebari. Doar daca decidem sa-L urmam ne va umple cu Harul Lui minunat. sa ajung sa invat despre El si sa ma situez in acest grup nu doar ca ma simt atat de extraordinar dar si binecuvantata!”

This Bible study truly has helped me to learn to live beyond myself, and beyond myself is God and always will be! Because of this my heart belongs to him. In this study we learn how much God proves to us that He loves us and how much it matters for us to have the fruit of the Spirit and His presence in our minds and lives. It matters that we can learn to know how we can avoid problems before they happen. God through this gives us a wonderful understanding of how to define good and evil. Overall, He has revealed to us that we are extremely important for Him, we matter to Him. Our Father loves us so much. He gives us solutions for our problems and answers our questions. But if we decide to follow Him, He will fill us with His wonderful grace. I go to learn about Him and to be in this group not only because I feel extraordinary, but also blessed!
Alina S., 18 ani

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Testimonies about our Romanian translation of Beth Moore’s Living Beyond Yourself, Exploring the Fruit of the Spirit.

This study challenged me once more to see the calling that God has made me, and I want to be able to act in a manner worthy of this calling. I want to be able to act when God acts and stop whenever He stops. To not be outside the timing of the Holy Spirit and move the way He moves. I cannot divide my life into different compartments, saying that this is when I act on my own, and this is when I’ll have God do the work, through His Holy Spirit. I am to see that if the Holy Spirit lives in me, we are one through all life’s situations. He is the One who can make it possible for the Fruit of the Spirit to abide in me. This Fruit appears when I let Him guide and influence my life. Otherwise, I am to fall down to the ground whenever. Once I start walking with Him, in the rhythm that He walks in, practicing the Fruit of the Spirit, nothing else would matter, for the direction in which He leads me is the best one and the ending is going to be glorious. I will then be able to be amongst those to whom our Lord says: “Well done, good and faithful servant!”.

There was a song that says: “As I follower of Christ, He calls me to fight. The road is set before the time, and I need to move forward without fear. His grace is what I find enough. Jesus forever lives.”

Thank you for the study and for your passion in helping people grow in the knowledge of the Almighty! May God bless you and keep you!

Angela Zainea, Bucharest, Romania

I am very glad that we could find out how can we better please God and more than this, how can we live beyond ourselves, by the power of the Holy Spirit which is dwelling in us. It is wonderful to know that giving up our ego and asking Him to fill us with His Spirit, we can have the fullness of His Spirit and all the qualities of the Fruit of the Spirit, which are helping us to live a life of victory.

It is great to know that we are saved when we ask Jesus to come in our heart and we confess our sins and ask Him to forgive us, but our sanctification and completion is a long and sometimes a painful, but necessary process in order to become more and more Christ-like.

I want to thank you so much for the effort to translate all these wonderful Bible studies by Beth Moore. We consider ourselves blessed that you were thinking of us to translate such awesome studies, which are helping us to focus more on God’s Word and to understand better the “secrets” of the method how to live our life to bring God glory in everything we are doing and at the same time to please Him.

Be blessed by our heavenly Father for everything you are doing for your sisters in Romania.

Lidia Stanescu, Bucharest, Romania

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Below are translated testimonies from Romanian women living in Bucharest who have completed the Romanian translation of Beth Moore’s Believing God or Jesus the Only and Only Bible study.

“I have started studying ‘Jesus the One and Only’ together with my kids Daniela (13) and Andrei (9) and they were happy to write their own answers in their first bible study books. Each morning we would find so many new sides of the events which we read so many times before, all in a new light. Right after the first lesson we shared with Daniel (my husband) what we have learned, and he also started studying it. We both soon decided that we should start studying it with our bible study group. Two persons of our group didn’t know Jesus, we gave them 2 copies of the study and we were surprised to see them encouraged to read the Bible and find answers to the questions of each lesson. Sure this study was a blessing for my family and our bible study group.”
Rodica Balan
Braila, Romania

“After taking part in the conference that you, Paulette Carson and your team have organized, I have received 10 Believing God workbooks by Beth Moore. I had never studied anything by her before and it was all new to me. Lord, what am I to do??? How can I do this??? The Lord spoke to me through Exodus 4. Just like He did with Moses and He asked me: WHAT HAVE YOU GOT IN YOUR HANDS? -10 workbooks I answered. THROW THEM DOWN – open them on the table and don’t run! STRETCH YOUR HAND – pray for it and take courage I WILL BE WITH YOU. And here’s how the Lord worked: after I prayed and made the announcement in church 30 ladies showed up. I asked another lady who I knew had also received workbooks and we were able to give each lady a copy. Their presence and involvement in the discussions we had each week made me bow down to God and say in tears: Lord you really are who you say you are!

I guess I could write a novel about how this study impacted me. I would start with the words of the song that say:

You have forgiven my past forever
In your blood shed on Calvary
He turned my fears into songs
Oh, what glorious grace

God helped me to assess my life

God can solve my past

God wants me to separate myself from my past

God has a plan for me

God wants me to serve Him. I choose to serve Him because I have seen again in the five declarations of faith who He is.

Thank you for this Bible study and until we see each other again, let’s live each day with Him and for Him passionately. God bless you.”
Angela Zainea

“I have been particularly blessed by the third declaration of faith: “I am who God says I am.” Many times I doubted that the God who is who He says He is and does what He says He can do, can use me. I doubted that he trusted me and gave me everything (Jesus Christ, His Word), so that I can serve Him with excellence.”
Lili Tepes

“I have participated in this Bible study wishing to discover more about God’s love for each of us. The way in which this Bible study made us do homework each day of the week was an encouragement to seek God more in His Word. Through reading and studying about the great men and women of faith, I have personally been encouraged in my walk with God and I wish for both myself and the sisters that were part of this Bible study to encourage other women to study God’s Word, as it can transform the life of anyone who believes in Him.

I wish to leave our children a legacy of faith and an invitation that they would keep their faith burning.”
Anca Boingeanu

“I thank God for Beth Moore and for the wonderful way in which He inspires her to write all of her Bible studies. As far as I am concerned this study helped me to understand my past, to understand God’s plan for my life better, to understand God’s careful planning, patience and love in my formation as a human being and my continuous transformation (which will not finish for as long as I live) to act according to His will and serve Him with all of the gifts He has given me. At the same time, this Bible study helped me to trust more in God and believe Him even though I have to go through difficult experiences, knowing that He can make all things work together for the sake of those who love Him. I choose to have faith, as I want to be pleasant in His sight and to get to know Him better, for He reveals Himself to those who seek Him. I can hardly wait for the next Bible study to be translated, so that I can immerse myself into His Word.”

“This Bible study was God’s gift for me, a blessing, His favor and a great encouragement for me in my walk with the Lord. It has enriched me helping me, through the power of the Holy Spirit, to believe with all my heart that everything that happens to me is not coincidence, but that my life is led by the One who has decided that I should be part of this world. I am grateful to God for the way in which this Bible study has influenced my life, overwhelming my mind and heart so that I can totally believe (by 100%) everything He says.

Thank you, Lord for Beth Moore and the entire team who have dedicated all of their lives to the ministry that God called them to. My words are not sufficient to express the gratitude, joy, peace and thankfulness I have in the Lord. God bless you.”

“They are wonderful girls, eager to know more of Christ and to share Him with others. They are very enthusiastic and grateful about the materials received from you, and ready to discover wonderful things about God, about the Lord and about how they can serve Him best.”
Camelia Ciobanu

“The study, Jesus, the One and Only, is a wonderful blessing for me personally and for the ladies in the church where I worship. Thank you for the beautiful gift of having it translated and put in our hands. Your blessing will go on and on.”
Melynda Lupu, Campus Crusade for Christ, Romania

“I am encouraged because through this study I know Jesus in a more profound way. My faith in Jesus has grown as I’ve seen him walk among people like me, and how He cared about each one. His relationship with the Father is very special, and I am challenged to have a reverent, worshipful attitude before Him. I feel comforted and protected by God after going through this study.”

“This study gave me a different perspective on Jesus and His Father. It helped me think deeper about situations mentioned in the Bible (for example: to be a leper in Biblical times or to be a virgin and become pregnant). I really like the explanations from the original Greek and Hebrew. This study is great.”
Martha Arjan

“Jesus, the One and Only has had a huge impact in my life this year. I used it during my personal time with the Lord each day. It challenged me to think deeper about my identity in Christ, all the blessings I have being in relationship with him, and he is the only one who can fully satisfy me. I learned things about passages of scripture that we totally new to me, it caused me to think differently on the passages because of the questions that Beth Moore asked and the way she challenges us to stimulate our imagination, to put myself in the person’s shoes, how it would be to live in that time, etc…”