I have had such a good time this trip and sitting here in the Pouncey kitchen with the windows open at 3:00PM my time. I am actually contemplating getting the sweatshirt I borrowed last night from Carolyn. Believe it or not, it is actually getting pretty chilly here!! Wooo-hooo! The only problem is that I only brought sandals. Supposed to be in the 40’s tomorrow night.

We head over to my friends, Liviu and Mary Neagoe (Life Water) to have dinner and fun fellowship. I haven’t spent much time with them the past few visits to this area, since we all have been so very busy. I look forward to catching up with everyone.

I am posting some pictures here to give you a visual of my trip so far. I think I will post the conference pics later tonight or in the morning. It was so much fun!!! No stress, except when the video wouldn’t work. It caused a short delay, but then we got it going. I adore these precious Sisters in Christ. They are so eager to see the moving of the Holy Spirit in their lives, their families, their churches and in their country. Thank you so much for your faithful prayers for them.
I will post all of these pics on Facebook, too, when I get back to Texas. Not enough time now to do it. If you are not my FB friend, then send me a friend request.

Have a blessed day! Here are the pics from the Saturday conference, our dinner afterwards when we eventually met the two young ladies from Arizona. I will post the pics from our visit to the farm and future boys home tomorrow.

(Pause to leave for dinner) Great time with Liviu and Mary for dinner. Will post those pics tomorrow, too. Night night. By the way, the bowl of soup you see is a yummy broth with cow stomach pieces floating in it – Ciorba de burta. No, it was not mine, but Jackie’s. That is one of the dishes I have abstained from here in Romania. Not yet acquired the “stomach” for it!! :o)