Greetings, Everyone! I was not able to blog last night due to a password/computer glitch. However, I am catching up by posting my pictures tonight.
Had a fabulous trip since it was very uneventful. The only snag was the long delay at security in Frankfurt. I don’t think I will use the word “incompetent,” but they come pretty close to that definition. Also, I almost didn’t make my connecting flight, because they didn’t announce the gate change. Ten minutes after our boarding time, two older ladies finally asked at our counter why we weren’t boarding yet. There weren’t very many people at our gate either. We should have figured it out ourselves. Uhhhhhh, oops! The gal behind the counter sheepishly announced our flight departure was at Gate 40A instead of 34A. We walked quickly down to 40A to just make it. Praise the Lord for sure!!
I landed in Budapest, got my bags, and went outside to meet Carolyn and Scott Pouncey. I also met a new friend, Adina, from Arad who came with them to pick me up. They had stopped at a major store in Hungary on the way in to shop. We headed back to Arad and had dinner at Adina’s house. Her wonderful mother, Maria, made us the dinner before she headed to church last night. I met Maria last summer along with Adina’s brother, Dani and his family.
I was up late on the computer trying to catch up on things, most especially to find out news of my dear friends, Keith and Terri Frazier. I knew Keith was close to his final steps before going home to be with the Lord, but did not know anything after my flight took off from Houston late afternoon on Wednesday. It turns out that as my plane was lifting off up into the heavenlies, Keith was being raised up into the Heavenlies to be with the Lord. My heart is broken and yet rejoicing for his home going. I know Terri and their three daughters will need support and prayers these next few months. Please pray for them as they have the service Saturday morning in Tyler, TX. The whole family has walked this journey of sorrow with such amazing grace and tenderness.
I awoke at noon today, since I hadn’t really slept many hours in the last 3 days. We had lunch, and headed out to pick up the books and conference supplies which my dear friends, Alex and Frank, brought over from Bucharest. They are here in town for a men’s conference. They had left everything with my other friends in Timisoara/Ghiroda, Liviu and Mary Neagoe. We had an opportunity to visit with Mary and a few other folks there at Apa Vietii (LifeWater), and then went next door to visit with Debby Ursu. Debby is coordinating the Monday night conference to introduce “Believing God” to the ladies in this area. Tomorrow’s conference in Arad starts at 5:00PM. It is called Women for Women. I would greatly appreciate your prayers as I share as the main speaker. Jackie and Mary Jill are two wonderful American women who have spent many years here in Romania and Hungary to minister to widows, Gypsies, children, and women of all ages. I am so thrilled to minister with them for the first time.
We got back after a short grocery store run and made spinach, beef and mushroom lasagna, salad and garlic bread for dinner.
Now, it’s time to finish up my preparations for tomorrow’s message. We will be visiting several places while here, so I will post again each night with pictures if possible.
Many blessings to you all!! Thanks for your continued prayers.
The pictures you see are