Kim Meeder, Co-Founder of Crystal Peaks Youth Ranch, is heading to Eastern Europe

Acclaimed author and accomplished speaker, Kim Meeder, will be traveling to Romania and Moldova this coming late May and early June to share her life’s message of how the Lord can bring beauty from brokenness.  On the day of her parents' funeral, Kim experienced the special emotional comfort a horse could provide. This healing refuge [...]

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Done at Last!

It has taken three years to complete the masters for this project from beginning to end; however, I have treasured each step as the Lord gave wisdom, direction, provision and blessings.  One of the most beautiful aspects about this project is all the relationships established along the way.  What a treasure and gift from the [...]

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Home Sweet Home

I got in yesterday afternoon to Houston without any problems or challenges. Praise the Lord! Stayed up as late as I could and then went to bed. Slept well through the night and am up with my guys this morning. Everything about my trip was fabulous! Thank you so much to everyone who prayed, fasted, [...]

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Ready for home

Packed, eating popcorn,awaiting shuttle ride to Budapest. Fabulous day!! More details when i get home.

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Glorious time of Fellowship

I have had such a good time this trip and sitting here in the Pouncey kitchen with the windows open at 3:00PM my time. I am actually contemplating getting the sweatshirt I borrowed last night from Carolyn. Believe it or not, it is actually getting pretty chilly here!! Wooo-hooo! The only problem is that I [...]

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Great Women’s Leadership Conference

Great conference tonight. Lots of fun and a good group of ladies. So enjoyed seeing some faces from previous conference in Timisoara, and also seeing some new ones. I'm absolutely on my face tired, so will post pics tomorrow. Sorry for the delay. Thanks for you patience.Much love!

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Amazing Evening

It has been a wild and crazy trip so far with a full schedule. I apologize for not posting yesterday, but we didn't get home until around midnight last night. It is now 10:17PM on Sunday evening. The Saturday evening conference in Arad called "Women for Women" was so very sweet. I was deeply grateful [...]

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Here Safe and Sound again

Greetings, Everyone! I was not able to blog last night due to a password/computer glitch. However, I am catching up by posting my pictures tonight.Had a fabulous trip since it was very uneventful. The only snag was the long delay at security in Frankfurt. I don't think I will use the word "incompetent," but they [...]

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